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Devon Energy- stone metalFor nearly 40 years; building owners, lease management, architects and contractors have relied on The Lee Quigley Company to provide quality metal, wood and stone services in their office buildings, commercial properties and hotels. We are committed to providing excellence in all facets of metal refinishing, stone restoration and wood refinishing services. Our dedicated team, with more than a century of combined knowledge, will diagnose the core problem and provide a solution to inject new life into old metal, wood and stone.  In addition to building maintenance The Lee Quigley Company also provides one time services to clean, restore or refinish all types of metal surfaces as well as provide architectural painting solutions for some of the biggest construction projects on the planet!


  • Architectural painting
  • Structural Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Copper, bronze, and other alloys
  • Restoration and Petina finishes
  • Vandalism solutions
  • Satin and Mirror finishes
  • Scratch removal


  • Vandalism
  • Scratches
  • One Time Restoration
  • On Site Furniture Restoration
  • Color Changes
  • Stripping, Staining and Refinishing


  • Honing and scratch removal
  • Polish traffic patterns
  • Cleaning
  • Recoating
  • Sealing
  • Entire floor restoration
  • Monthly and Quarterly  Maintenance